8L drops the mic

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8L drops the mic
Rapper 8L

Entertainment Reporter

Rapper 8L of the popular hit song “Mainini” featuring Tocky Vibes is dropping the microphone.

He revealed that he is moving from actively making music into semi-retirement.

Questioned why he had come to that decision he said that he has served in the music scene for four years actively releasing chart topping songs but now wants to focus on his personal growth and career.

He added that he has been contemplating making the decision for the past 6 months but has finally decided it’s time.

“It is hard to leave the club when it’s jumping but I am the type to make hard decisions, this is one of them.

“My new song Bhiza raMdhara is buzzing but I have to leave while they enjoy it, while they still love me,” 8L told H-Metro.

8L who is a statistician and has worked for a development organisation as a Specialist, revealed that he wants to dedicate with time to humanitarian work.

He also revealed he has seen the music industry struggle for so long and is not encouraged to soldier on as he says he can do better doing other things to uplift the nation.

“I have a burn-out and it is not good to hang onto something you know you can’t build anymore.

“I feel l can let younger guys take over, they had fresh energy, they are eager to change the game.

“I want to see them do better than me,” he said.

He added:

“Part of my reason is I want to be free, I want to leave ordinarily, and arts is involving against the demands of a professional life.

“The industry is not growing, just new guys coming, old ones fading off, I have maintained a clean slate, made good music.

“I have had a song on the radio charts every month since 2015, some songs had the big buzz other average.

“I have made the some of best videos in the country and I have helped many artists, this journey has been beautiful.

“I have met so many artists, they need help, I wish I can do more for them.

“They look at me for answers, I wish I can give them the right answers,” he said.

8L said he felt bad leaving his fans that have supported him for long in his music journey.

“I have fans, loyal fans they will feel I have left them out but I feel this is good for the future of both.

“Sometimes when you say you are an artist many professionals take you for granted.

I am eyeing a future with respect and integrity, that future benefits from this decision.

“Ï feel l haven’t been growing the past five years professionally, its time l get back that time and make an impact”

He revealed that he has 25 unreleased songs and producers will release it at their time and will market some the songs when released.

He however revealed that he might return to the game as a promoter to help young artistes.

“The music industry has been a mixed bag for me.

“You have people that support you and you have people that won’t. I have embraced this as diversity of choices.

“Unfortunately artists divided the industry, selfishly made cliques that benefited them in the interim but in the long term gave off their power of art and influence.

“Who will pay you when you do that?”

“I wish everyone would support the arts, corporate can make use of art to do business, artists conduct themselves in a professional manner to score real deals with money.

“I wish Zim music the best. I am one of the best to do it, I am thankful,” he said. Hmetro


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