Banana’s son says ‘Zimbabwe now banana republic’

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NATHAN Banana, son to Zimbabwe’s first President Canaan Banana has accused the Zanu-PF led government of holding to ransom and robbing citizens of their independence for personal gain.

Banana, who was 13, when the country attained independence in 1980 bemoaned how citizens who claim to be free still endure a lot of economic hardship.

“I never imagined that I would reach 53 years being led by the same generation of leaders that worked with my dad in government.

“Today, a child born on our so-called independence is 40 years old and they know nothing but a Zanu-PF system of government,” posted Banana on his Facebook.

“I feel we Zimbabweans have been robbed of our independence by a few self-interested individuals in positions of power and influence.

“We have been denied the opportunity to fully unleash our potential and enjoy the fruits of freedom as espoused by those who saw the need to liberate us from colonial rule.”

Zimbabwe’s post-independence history has been riddled with cases of human rights violations by the state.

During the earlier years of independence, Zimbabwe was hailed as the breadbasket of Southern Africa following its importation of surplus agro-based produce to its neighbours.

The situation has since changed as the country now relies on food imports and aid from other countries.

Over four million Zimbabweans are in need of food aid up to 2021 while the Coronavirus has exposed incapacities in the country’s health provision sector.

The employment rate has risen to above 90%, up from just 7% in 1980.

Said Banana, “It is not yet uhuru for many Zimbabweans. The struggle continues.”

Zimbabwe celebrated 40 years of independence on Saturday.

The late Canaan Banana was the country’s ceremonial president up to 1987 when the government abandoned the post for an executive presidency which saw then Prime Minister Robert Mugabe change to President.

Source – newzimbabwe


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