Chamisa warns Mnangagwa again

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Nelson Chamisa

OPPOSITION leader Nelson Chamisa has warned that the country risks being plunged into civil war if citizens are pushed to retaliate against the escalating brutality by security forces, the Daily News reports.

This comes as the military has warned ominously that it is becoming concerned by unspecified threats to the peace currently being enjoyed in the country.

The Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) has warned ominously that it is on high alert to thwart any threats to the current peace being enjoyed in the country.

“Your … successful completion of this training today represents the ZNA’s awesome determination of ensuring that its members are prepared to defend the country against all forms of threats through meaningful training.

“These continuous attacks are meant to scare us and hence force us to dance according to their tune.

“As a nation we are, however, not scared, more so when we have warriors who are determined to give their lives in defence of our country,” ZNA commander Edzai Chimonyo said at a recent graduation of soldiers in Bulawayo — without specifying what “threats” and “continuous attacks” he was referring to.

Sibanda said the Zanu-PF government was “mimicking” the undemocratic and repressive ways of the Rhodesian regime – which ended up emboldening nationalists to take up arms to free the country.

“They must know that Edgar Whitehead’s banning of the National Democratic Party in 1961 led to a more radical Zapu and, later Zanu being formed,” Sibanda added.

Speaking to the Daily News yesterday, Chamisa’s spokesperson Nkululeko Sibanda said the recent threats by the government to arrest the youthful opposition leader if he holds unsanctioned demonstrations were not good for the country – warning further that continued thuggery by security forces could lead to retaliation by fed up citizens.

“We are sending diplomatic notes to the  Southern African Development Community (Sadc) and the African Union (AU), to rein in the trigger-happy Zanu-PF and save Zimbabwe from a possible civil strife.

“The minority and illegitimate Zanu-PF has failed to manage the economy and is now resorting to bashing people and banning MDC events and meetings,” Sibanda said.

“Thirteen rallies and meetings were banned in October and November 2019 alone … and now this government has issued a threat that they won’t hesitate to arrest Chamisa.

“Zanu-PF’s ill-advised tactic of closing democratic space and arresting the MDC’s leadership is self-defeating,” he said further.

Sibanda’s warning also comes a few days after riot police savaged MDC supporters and passers-by going about their normal business in Harare last week.

An angry Chamisa – who feels that the government has now effectively banned the MDC – later warned after the attacks that Mnangagwa’s days in office were now numbered.

In addition, he threatened to hold protests without approval from the police – a move which saw jittery authorities warning that they would not hesitate to arrest him if he ever held meetings that were not sanctioned.

Source – dailynews


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