Did Thokozani Khupe-Auxillia Mnangagwa fight at ED jnr’s wedding..PICTURES?

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Norton MP Temba Mliswa has dismissed rumours of a fight between First Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa and opposition politician Thokozani Khupe. According to the rumour circulating on social media, the altercation took place at the wedding of Emmerson Jnr over the weekend.

Mliswa who was a guest at the weekend dismissed the reports saying,

Just when you thought you’d heard it all along comes a tale like no other! The fake story doing the rounds on social media platforms regarding a purported scuffle between the First Lady & Khupe is so ludicrous one has to question the mental state of the author.

The lie is malicious & intended to mar what was otherwise a well planned & executed wedding ceremony.

The people who have been spreading the fake news story have been circulating old pictures from the wedding of Emmerson Jnr in which the First Lady’s hand is an arm sling.

Mliswa was responding to the message below which has gone viral on social media:

Unhinged Auxillia Wrestles Hubby-Snatching Khuphe

First Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa proved she is even more deranged than her predecessor after she got involved in a fist fight with Thokozani Khuphe at Borrowdale Country Manor over the weekend.
Mrs Mnangagwa (56) was not happy that Dr Khuphe (55) was invited to her son’s wedding.Shocked guests watched as the feisty first lady accosted Khuphe and demanded that she leaves the venue.
“Wajaira kudanana nevarume vevanhu Thoko.Wainyengwa naTsvangirai uchinyepera kusekerera mukadzi wake,” Auxillia reportedly shouted.Khuphe was embarrassed by the incident and remained in her seat but Auxillia slapped her across the face.She got up and showed the first lady her boxing skills until security intervened.Khuphe was escorted from the venue shouting, “Wena Auxillia unomona!”
She was reportedly in the company of a gentleman friend.
President Mnangagwa invited Khuphe without consulting his wife who suspects that Khuphe and the President are more than just political allies.Their son Emmerson Tanaka Mnangagwa married Farirayi Chieza.Sources at the event said it was a lavish affair and the festivities continued peacefully after Khuphe left.

Emmerson Tanaka Mnangagwa tied the knot with Farirai Chieza at Borrowdale Country Manor yesterday, Sunday, 25 August 2019.

The wedding was announced by a family relative and Norton MP Temba Mliswa who attended the event.

Posting on social media, Mliswa wrote:

Today at the wedding of Farirai nee Chieza & Emmerson Tanaka Mnangagwa at Borrowdale Country Manor@manor_country

Emmerson Tanaka is an artiste and son to Zimbabwe President Emmerson D Mnangagwa, he is younger brother to Emmerson Dambudzo Jnr.
According to him, he is a professional music producer, having begun the interest in music at 13.
The 31-year-old son of a president said he does difference genres of commercial music:

ED Junior The Third


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