EXCLUSIVE: Grace exhumes and hides Mugabe?

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Grace, who has temporarily moved from Harare to Zvimba, where she’s been mourning and protecting the grave of her late husband since he passed away in September 2019, according to a former high ranking official in Mugabe’s last government, and a senior elder at Zimbabwe Assemblies of God Africa (Zaoga) church in Harare privy to the matter, is said to have arranged for the country’s founding leader’s exhumation and special reburial, as a contingency measure to thwart any attempts by Mugabe’s political enemies to steal his remains for ritual, sorcery and occultic purposes, especially necromancy for them to gain personal, financial or political power.

Itai Mushekwe/Mary-Kate Kahari

MUNICH/CAPE TOWN– Former First Lady, Grace Mugabe, has reportedly exhumed and hidden the remains of President Robert Mugabe at an unknown location somewhere in Mugabe’s rural home of Zvimba, Spotlight Zimbabwe, has been told.

Necromancy is an occult practice, involving communication with the dead, usually in order to obtain insight into the future or to accomplish some otherwise impossible task. It is also the power to utilize magic involving the dead, death-force and/or souls.

Mugabe died on September 6 aged 95, in Singapore at Gleneagles Hospital.

“President Mugabe is not where people think he’s buried, and his actual grave will remain a mystery,” said the former high ranking official in Mugabe’s government with close ties to the former first family two months ago, while briefing this publication on the matter in South Africa.

“Those after Mugabe’s remains are wasting time. They will not find his casket, because our former first lady has already acted on it, and she’s the only person together with a handful of Mugabe family members who know the secret site where Mugabe asked to be buried. Before the sad passing of our leader in Singapore, he gathered the family around July 2019 and warned them that the ruling Zanu PF leadership, was into practising witchcraft, therefore they needed to protect his remains even after burial.”

The official said Mugabe was afraid that the new ruling party leadership wanted to harvest his body parts for acts of black magic rituals, and directed Grace not to allow government to take control of his body, using the army’s One Commando Barracks morgue before burial.

“Mugabe was afraid that his body parts such as the heart, liver, private organs and his blood could be stolen for black magic power rituals, therefore advised against the army taking control of his body or keeping it at One Commando Barracks morgue, where suspected state operatives could use the chance to harvest his organs. Grace consented only to a military parade at One Commando, but as per Mugabe instructions took his body straight to the blue roof mansion because it had already been embalmed in Singapore, despite government’s attempt to manage it. Furthermore, a number of intelligence officials with our Central Intelligence Organisation still loyal to Mugabe, also advised the first family to secure President Mugabe’s grave with high security measures, because power hungry Zanu PF politicians would not rest, until they got hold of his remains, which they supposedly intend to use for various ritual performances to remain in power, and secure victory for the presidency in 2023. Now they have hit a brick wall.”

The Zaoga elder said Mugabe himself had on numerous occasions confided his worries about the use of spells and witchcraft by some Zanu PF bigwigs, to the founder of the church, Ezekiel Guti, and had asked for private prayers for himself and his family during their meetings.

Mugabe’s son-in-law, Simba Chikore, is a member of Zaoga.

“Yes I can confirm that former President Robert Mugabe’s actual burial site was changed recently from what we have been told, and is now a family secret. I can not say more than that, because there are serious spiritual matters involved here,” said the church elder.

“There is grave concern about some ungodly politicians inside the former revolutionary party, who want his bones, especially the skull to consolidate their power through necromancy, that’s why his actual resting place is now only known, by his wife and family. They deserve to be left alone. As the church and body of Christ, we rebuke those obsessed with the possession of human skulls, and what they do with them in the underworld. God sees everything and His fire will destroy them all. They think they have transcended life, because of having a false wicked passage and access to the fallen world. Zimbabwe inyika yaMweya Mutsvene (Zimbabwe is the land of the Holy Spirit), and they’re going to be stopped.”

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Mugabe’s nephew, Leo Mugabe, who acted as the Mugabe family spokesperson during the former leader’s funeral, at the family homestead at Kutama Village in Zvimba last September, also confirmed to South African newspaper, City Press, that his uncle was worried that some powerful politicians wanted to use his body parts for rituals.

Leo Mugabe said the family had been made aware of Mugabe’s fears in his last days.

“You know some people have an inclination for rituals. We are afraid that some people are after his body parts or even his whole body and they want to use that for rituals,” Leo Mugabe told the publication.

“The casket is tamper-proof and there is nothing unusual about that because we are trying to follow his last wishes which he confided to his wife before he passed on; he intimated that there were people who wanted to use his body for rituals.”

Mugabe shortly before the November 2017 coup fired his then deputy, President Emmerson Mnangagwa, for plotting to unseat him using witchcraft and witch doctors.

Mugabe told thousands of cheering supporters then that Mnangagwa had plotted to take over since becoming a vice president in 2014.

“We have kicked him out for the same reasons that saw us chasing away Mujuru,” Mugabe said of Mnangagwa.

“People were told that I will retire in March but I did not. Upon realizing that I wasn’t, he started consulting traditional healers on when I was going to die.”

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Mugabe’s Zvimba home
Meanwhile, media reports yesterday pointed out to complains coming from villagers in Zvimba, where Mugabe was buried, who are being forced to relocate their cattle kraals to pave way for the construction of a protective precast wall around the homestead where Mugabe’s remains are interred.

Another Mugabe nephew, Dominic Matibiri, told a private weekly, that the wall was meant to prevent intruders who might want to tamper with Mugabe’s remains.

“Since we buried our father there, a precast wall is a security measure to prevent his enemies from tampering around with his remains, considering that he was no longer a Zanu PF member,” Matibiri is reported to have said without elaborating.

The Mugabe family also wants to install CCTVs at the homestead according to Matibiri.

Grace will remain in Zvimba for some time, until at least after the first memorial anniversary of Mugabe, before returning to Harare, Spotlight Zimbabwe has established.

Source: Spotlight Zimbabwe 


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