Former First Lady Grace Mugabe Eats Humble Pie, Begs Joice Mujuru For Forgiveness

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Deceased RGM and wife Grace

Former outspoken First Lady, Grace Mugabe, who spearheaded several attacks on Zanu-Pf bigwigs whilst at the helm of power, that then culminated in the expulsion of the leading contenders in Mugabe’s succession battles, has been forced to eat humble pie following the death of her 95-year-old husband.

Daily News reports that the former untouchable First Lady is apparently reaching out to some of her former political foes, among them former vice president Joice Mujuru who was expelled from Zanu-Pf in 2014 for allegedly plotting against Mugabe.

This comes amid rumours that the once exceedingly powerful first lady’s future is uncertain after a stand-off with Mugabe’s successor, President Emmerson Mnangagwa, over Mugabe’s burial place.

Impeccable sources that spoke to the publication expressed that Grace apologised to Mujuru in Zvimba last week during the wake of Mugabe’s funeral, the first time the two had met since Mujuru’s expulsion.

Reports are that the two also met privately after their Zvimba encounter last week.

Mujuru yesterday confirmed meeting with Grace twice, amid reports that the former feuding foes had agreed to bury the hatchet and work together more so since they were now both widows.

“I have been to Zvimba twice where I was paying my last respects to the former president. I cannot tell you what happened there because the focus was on paying my condolences.

According to the sources, the former first lady broke down before Joyce and apologised for the way she and her husband had treated her.

”When Mujuru came, Grace broke down. She wept for 30 minutes and was inconsolable. She narrated how the president had died and then apologised profusely for the way they had treated her (Mujuru) in 2014.

”She (Grace) even revealed the name of the person who was used to record and film Mujuru talking negative things about the former president,” one source expressed.

In 2014, Mugabe’s widow launched a series of ferocious attacks on Mujuru, raising prospects that the former vice-president’s star was waning.

Speaking at a rally in Bindura, Grace accused Mujuru – the widow of the late liberation war guerrilla commander Solomon Mujuru – of leading a faction vying for power, and demanded that she apologise.

“You cannot continue denying that you lead a faction every day. Wherever you are, go together with your cronies, go and apologise before it is too late because the president is also fed up with these issues,”

Grace is also on record boasting, during Zanu PF congress in December 2014, on how she had vanquished the then VP and also likened herself to a football referee who enforced the laws of the game.

“I was given a whistle and like a whistleblower, I blew it to whip people into line.
“Some thought I was out of tune. I realised that Mai Mujuru was offside and 1 sent emissaries to advise her that bhora pasi (I urged her to be calm) but she never heeded my advice.
“She is like a dung beetle which wheels the ball backwards instead of forward,” Grace Gloated in victory. iharare


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