Dj Zinhle misses coming to Zimbabwe

For last Friday’s Google Doodle, the search engine celebrated Mbira, a Zimbabwean musical instrument and in celebration, DJ Zinhle shared how she misses travelling to the country.

Mbira google doodle
Last Friday Google doodle celebrated Zimbabwe’s musical instrument. Mbira. Image by google

Prior to the national lockdown and the South African borders being closed, DJ Zinhle was a frequent visitor to Zimbabwe for gigs, however, coronavirus pandemic has made things difficult for everyone.

Renowned African female DJ took to Instagram to share her feelings about Zimbabwe and hearing the Mbira played.

The mbira is an ancient instrument of the Shona people in Zimbabwe.


“I really miss travelling to Zimbabwe for gigs and hearing the Mbira every time I would land at the airport! Hearing it always gave me a feeling of comfort & joy and because I am a DJ I think it resonates with me even more,” shared Zinhle.

In December last year, Zinhle brought the heat to Bulawayo Athletics Club (BAC) where she performed.