Mnangagwa’s Ministers Are Empty Heads: Zvorwadza

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Sten Zvorwadza

National Association of Vendors Unions of Zimbabwe (NAVUZ) chairman Sten Zvorwadza says after giving President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government a chance, he has discovered that the country will not go anywhere as his ministers are a joke and empty heads with no capacity to manage the country.

Zvorwadza who was well known for leading vendors demonstrations against the police, surprised many Zimbabweans when he announced that he was giving President Mnangagwa a chance in the run-up to the July 2018 general elections when everyone else expected him to vote with the opposition.

However, almost two years after making that decision, Zvorwadza says he has been observing with great pain the brutalities that are being perpetrated by Zimbabwe in the country mainly by the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) and says he can’t take it any more.

“As an individual and the organization I lead, we don’t believe in being suppressed and oppressed. When you give someone a chance, you dialogue, negotiate and compromise. I have seen it all, kumhunga hakuna ipwa.

“Zimbabwe is burning and people are suffering. I’m suffering more than ever before because I’m selfless. If I was selfish, I would have maneuvered my way into the same government that is making us suffer today.

“I’m very objective and run away from misleading the people of Zimbabwe. I want to share with you today the reason why our government failed. The first reason is that the composition of the Ministers running the affairs of our country is a great joke. Most Ministers are empty heads, without any ability to even manage their own salaries and allowances.

“They blow their salaries and allowances recklessly and resort to corruption for survival. How do we get better as a country under such economic brutal circumstances?

According to Zvorwadza, the second reason why Zimbabwe is in a mess is that “Our opposition MDC Alliance leaders are very myopic and believe in spoiling as a strategy to win hearts of the electorate. They believe that if people suffer a lot in the hands of Zanu PF, one day, MDC Alliance will win the elections.

“The role of opposition world over is to proffer alternative better or best solutions in the interest of the citizens of the country. Kudira jecha is a very good strategy to make people suffer more,” he said.

Zvorwadza said it is without a doubt that MDC Alliance will not win the 2023 general elections because they concentrate on the urban vote at the expense of the rural which offer more votes.

He said the people of Zimbabwe will only be liberated by selfless people like him adding that politicians are not liberators as they have nothing to offer the people.

“Zimbabwe will be liberated by citizens the moment they all understand that politicians are not liberators. Liberators are selfless citizens with total conviction. One of such citizens is me.

“Politicians are comfortable. They share the country’s resources carelessly at our expense. Both Zanu PF and MDC Alliance MPs drive top of the range vehicles from the government of Zimbabwe. When it comes to material things that benefit these politicians from both political parties, they agree to work together.

“When it is time for these politicians to discuss our plight endowed with suffering, pain and discomfort, they refuse to meet even once in nearly two years. It is foolishness of the highest magnitude to think that politicians of this crop will liberate us,” he said.

With regards to his decision to giving President Emmerson Mnangagwa a chance, Zvorwadza said there was nothing with it.

“Yes I gave ED’s Administration a chance. I am not a noise-maker, but I am a genuine and true freedom fighter.

“In order for you as a person to understand yourself, you need to understand others. What was wrong for me to give ED’s Administration a chance? Get all COVID-19 statistics for Zimbabwe from COVID-TRACKER

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