One week 3 death for prominent Zimbabwe families

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Robert Gabriel Mugabe was a Zimbabwean revolutionary and politician who served as prime minister of Zimbabwe from 1980 to 1987 and then as president from 1987 to 2017.

Former President Robert Gabriel Mugabe

 plane carrying a delegation of government officials and Robert Mugabe’s has left Zimbabwe for Singapore Monday to retrieve the body of the ex-president for his burial, a family spokesman said. Leo Mugabe told Cable Networt News the delegation is expected back in Zimbabwe by Wednesday. Former Zimbabwe President Mugabe died on Friday after spending months in a Singapore hospital. A state funeral will be held in Mugabe’s honor on Saturday at the National Sports Stadium in Harare, according to a government statement sent to diplomatic missions.The statement did not mention details of where Mugabe would be buried, fueling speculation about his final resting place.The ex-president’s ruling party, Zanu-PF’s spokesman, Simon Khaya Moyo told CNN that Mugabe should be buried at the National Heroes’ Acre Monument in Harare unless his family opposes the decision.”He has been declared a national hero and you know what that means. But you should also take into account the family’s wishes. So we are yet to be advised,” Moyo said.

Mujuru Family lost a daughter Mellisah Mujuru

Former VP Joice Mujuru’s family has been hit by a tragedy as the country mourns former president Robert Mugabe who passed way on Friday.

Wellence Mujuru took to social media to announce that he lost his 19 year old sister in a car accident which occurred along Karoi road.

Said Wellence:

Today l have known pain l have never known before in my life. It starts from the Heart and aches through my whole body. I have lost my Sister Mellisah Mujuru unexpectedly. My little shy away from everyone sister . A brutal fatal accident claimed her along Karoi road. #RIP @19

You can never be prepared for death Especially for a 19 year old full of life girl. I will greatly miss our arguments fights. I feel robbed , l feel stabbed , l feel all the pain.. l love you Meme. I will miss you

Rest In Peace my Sister

Mugoba Family lost Major General Trust Mugoba

The body of the late national hero Major General Trust Mugoba yesterday arrived at his family farm in Gamanya area in Wiltshire Chikomba district.

The body was flown to Harare later in the day.

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