OPINION: Mr President, Zimbabwe needs a new narrative

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SO, the Health Services Board (HSB) has stood by its commitment not to “brook any nonsense” from the striking junior and middle level doctors?

To live up to its threats, the board threatened Thursday to fire the striking doctors – 88 of them – simply because they refused to attend what already looked like a predetermined “disciplinary hearing.”

We have been to this place before as a country, with doctors again being summarily dismissed for a similar cause in the 90s.

Then, many of the affected doctors relocated to the diaspora from where they completed their internship, found work and are now practising there.

In threatening dismissals, the HSB cited an obnoxious Labour Act whose legality is yet to be contested at law.

That, however, does not constitute most of what concerns us at Zim Morning Post.

Currently, the country is reeling under a barrage of mostly self-inflicted hounds.

By threatening stern measures against the striking or is it incapacitated doctors, whose only “crime” is to demand that they receive their salaries based on the prevailing United States dollar interbank rate, the HSB has exposed its callousness and an abject disregard for the medical wellbeing of the people of this country.

But thank “goodness”, only the elite and those occupying positions of authority, including Cabinet ministers and members of their families, will always have it within their stretch to access State-sponsored fast jets to whisk them to first-class medical facilities such as those found in Singapore, India and China.

Ordinary patients, so to speak, will be left exposed to the vagaries of fate, with medical institutions across the country presently resembling open tombs.

This country has gone through a lot since independence from Britain in 1980.

First of the major episodes was Gukurahundi in the mid 80s when, according to the Catholic Commission for Peace and Justice, 20 000 innocent and unarmed civilians in Matabeleland and the Midlands provinces were killed by a North Korean-trained Fifth Brigade militia after the late former President Robert Mugabe unleashed it on them following unfounded and sinister accusations that they supported and abetted a group of PF Zapu-sponsored insurrectionists.

Other landmarks of the Mugabe-era include the bloody and chaotic Land Reform Programme and Operation Restore Order (code-named Murambatsvina) …and now this!

But in the new dispensation, Mr President, we had expected a shift in the conduct of business.

And now, Mr President, we passionately appeal to your good office: The nation now really needs a new narrative, one that avails equal opportunity to all of its people. Zimmorning post

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