Simba Makoni: Mugabe was unforgiving

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FORMER Finance minister in President Robert Mugabe’s cabinet, Simba Makoni, has described the late national hero as a non-forgiving person, who could not handle feelings of perceived betrayal.

In an exclusive interview with Zim Morning Post, Makoni said ever since he left Zanu PF in 2008, his relationship with the now deceased completely died despite several attempts to reach out to the former President.

“I can tell you that Mugabe was not forgiving to someone he would have parted ways with, and our relationship died when I challenged him in 2008”

Makoni further said he had tried to reach out to Mugabe both professionally and socially, but the latter could not come to terms with the fact that his former Finance minister had contemplated challenging his authority.

“I tried to reach out through friends and family, but everyone told me he was still aggrieved with my departure and there was no way he would forgive me.”

Asked if he believed media speculations that claim Mugabe rejected being buried at the National Heroes Acre, Makoni said:

“I have not been in talking terms with both the Mugabe family and government, but all I know from my experience is Mugabe would not have wanted to be associated with the people that tormented him in his last days because the man was not forgiving.”

Speaking on the work done by the former president, Makoni said:

“Mugabe’s great work will stand the test of time and everyone can testify that in his first days, he made sure Zimbabwe developed its health and education sectors, particularly in rural areas. He made us the best in the region by uplifting the agricultural sector, making us the best in Africa.”

“All this was good in the first days until the 90s when Mugabe and Zanu PF diverted from the founding principles that had forced us to go to war.”

In his last days Mugabe, however, destroyed everything he had worked so hard to build. He destroyed the hospitals, schools and industries, making the lives of many miserable.

“Today, Mugabe’s legacy will be the degree of violence, the unemployment rate as well as the death of democracy that he left for his people”

Makoni was Finance and Economic Development minister in Mugabe’s cabinet between 2000 and 2002.

He became an enemy of both Zanu PF and Mugabe when he introduced economic reforms that differed with those of his Zanu PF principals.

“I could not take the violence and coercion. The party had lost its values that it had fought for, and I felt the people of Zimbabwe needed another chance and this did not go down well with Mugabe,” Makoni concluded. Zimbabwe morning news


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