‘Handina Kuonda Ini’-Fugitive’ Former G40 Minister Shares LATEST Photos

Former cabinet minister and G40 kingpin Professor Jonathan Moyo who … Read More

Moyo calls for exhumnation of Joshua Nkomo’s remains and reburial alongside Rhodes

THE former Higher education minister Professor Jonathan Moyo says the … Read More

Prof J.Moyo posted a video on twitter mocking ED

#ZimLaughingStock! pic.twitter.com/LUXIUiDOzx — Prof Jonathan Moyo (@ProfJNMoyo) September 29, 2019 … Read More

Prof J.Moyo: Mnangagwa taking 90 men delegation to UN while Zim Stock exchange went haywire today

@ReserveBankZIM treasury staff were told not to leave their desks … Read More

Prof Jonathan Moyo: It’s sad that Minister SB Moyo has forgotten how many of his Zipra & Zapu Cdes were abducted

It's sad that @MinisterSBMoyo has forgotten how many of his … Read More

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