TV star, 54, ditches bikini for cheeky skinny dipping snap

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There’s nothing better than that first dip in the water when you arrive at your holiday destination.

And one TV star decided to take things to a new level, by ditching her bikini and jumping into the pool completely naked while she vacationed in Greece with her family, including her two daughters, Maddy, 16, and Kiki,12.

Nadia Sawalha, who presents Loose Women in the UK, took to her Instagram account to upload two nude photos of herself, which she says was massively liberating.

Nadia Sawalha swimming naked while holding her breasts
Nadia Sawalha has stripped naked on holiday in Greece. Photo: Instagram/Nadia Sawalha

Nadia Sawalha swimming naked in a pool

Nadia Sawalha is being praised for her body positivity. Photo: Instagram/Nadia Sawalha
“Whole next level in body confidence for me,” Nadia wrote in the caption.

“I can’t believe it but I only swam flaming naked in the flaming pool today!!! This has never happened!!! #liberating”

She went on to say that her husband, Mark Adderly’s ‘eyes nearly popped out of his head’.

“He literally squeaked ‘you’re naked and then took these snaps,” she continued.

“God it felt good to swim totally free!! I’m not going to lie, I would love to say I leapt out and pranced around the pool but in truth I nearly drowned trying to get my bikini back on IN the pool!!

“God why oh why are us Brits so hung up about nudity?! It’s been the bane of my life!”

Nadia’s followers have taken to the comments section to praise her on her body positivity post.

“You go girl, you are beautiful inside and out and you inspire me,” one person wrote.

“Fab. No other words. Truly an inspiration to me in my 50th year. Off on my hols on October and hoping to use your inspiring positivity to release all those crazy hang-ups about not being perfect,” another person said. Yahoo


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