Why the World is scared of 5G? Differences between 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G

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Why the World is scared of 5G

Since the start of the coronavirus epidemic, 5G has all of a sudden become a major talk and concern throughout the world.

But the issue is not the 5G itself but the fact that many people are ignorant and coming up with several crazy theories on 5G.

Firstly, what is 5G? Since the launch of 1G in the 1980’s the world has experienced one of the greatest technological developments due to this very powerful innovation.

5G stands for fifth-generation, the G stands for Generation. It is a set of standards that are used in mobile telecommunications.

The G stands for generations, therefore

1G means First generation

2G means Second Generation

3G means Third Generation

4G means Fourth generation

5G means Fifth Generation

1G was the earliest standard used in mobile telecommunications it is a form of analogue telecommunications used in mobile telecommunications.

2G was an upgrade of 1G except that unlike 1G which was an analogue system, 2G was a digital telecommunications network.

With the introduction of 2G gave rise to the birth of GSM (Global System for Mobile communications) and it was launched in Finland around 1991.

It was a more secured network, it allowed voice and data to be sent across networks. 2G allows voice, text and data to be sent across devices seamlessly in a secured manner.

3G was one of the best things that happened to planet earth, the world experienced one of the fastest internet speed.

2G allows fast internet access, video calls, chatting, video on demand, online games, mobile TV just to mention a few.

3G technology was a revolution that changed the world. Its speed was out of this world and it allows things that were once thought to be impossible

4G which is what we are mostly used to now. It is a technology that allows even faster internet access, cheap voice and data services, multimedia and multi sharing of online resources over IP.

4G was a better version of the 3G in terms of the internet access and connectivity.

5G known as the fifth Generation, This innovation is different from the 3G and 4G, it will change the way we do things, It will support the internet of things, virtual reality.

The fastest internet humans have ever seen. It comes with a military-grade security protocol and offers more support to endless possibilities.

Why the World is Scared of 5G?

Now forget everything you have heard about 5G killing people, it is untrue, Some even claimed 5G is anti-Christ, that’s not true either.

So what are people really afraid of that is driving people all over the world crazy about 5G.

The issue is misinformation, Most people do not know what it is about and only relies on false information that they read online or hear from other people.

So here are some of the reasons why people are scared of 5G which mostly are not true.

1. Fear one,

Some people are scared that the 5G technology might be used to control chips implanted in people which might be used to start controlling human thoughts and behaviours

2. Fear two,

some people are scared that the radiation coming from the mast can cause cancer which can eventually kill humans

3. Fear three

Some believe since it is going to aid technology that will allow implants on humans in which with your hand, you can make purchases, control your house, your mobile phone etc that means it could be a sign of 666 the anti-Christ

4. Fear four

Some believed it is the cause of coronavirus

5. Fear 5

Some think it is the bio weapon that is causing corona which can be used to kill people

All these are not true, they are false information which you should not believe.

5G technology will have a better impact on human lives than ever. Therefore the 5G is not the anti-Christ or the cause of Coronavirus it is a technology that will help better our lives.

It will give us faster internet access, allows plugins and activities that would have been thought impossible.

However, some bad people might use it for their selfish reasons the same way some people are using 4G and other generations for bad things.

Source: amazgist.com.ng


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